The Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture team is committed to providing a wonderfully complete, stellar experience of everything that the Centre has to offer. From initial contact, to queries regarding exhibits, workshops, programs and everything in between, our staff is passionate about ensuring clarity of information, ease of program enrolment, swift contact response, and providing everyone with a joyous, beautiful and welcoming experience. 


Executive Director

Jeanne brings a wealth of experience to her role as Executive Director of the Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture. An artist herself, her passion for art and creativity is evident in her innovative approach to programming, connecting with the vibrant community in which we are so fortunate to be immersed, and in her inspired vision towards the future of the GCAC. Her past roles in the not-for-profit sector allow her to understand the importance and uniqueness of the GCAC as a hub of not only creativity, but also of community and culture. Georgina is not only rich in historic significance, but also growing, evolving and flourishing with new and exciting energy. Jeanne is committed to embracing all that Georgina has to offer, and bringing that excitement to the GCAC in a myriad of ways. 


Program and Volunteer Coordinator

An artist, musician and seamstress, Lynda injects passion and creative energy into every aspect of her role as Program and Volunteer Coordinator. Her passion is people, and bringing together both the like-minded as well as those who are looking for something uniquely different is something that she adores. Ensuring that programs are delivered in a timely manner, with all needs met, aided by passionate and committed volunteers, is of paramount importanceLynda is dedicated to coordinating programs at the GCAC which are delivered with attention, warmth and dedication to excellence of experience