Learning Resources

We are delighted and eager to be an exciting destination for school field trips, offering learning opportunities and community engagement for every age!

Our gallery is captivating and inviting, and we are committed to working with educators to provide an inclusive, educational experience that will inspire and meet all expectations.

Please contact our Executive Director for more information and to plan your next excursion.


Providing engaging school workshops for all ages is something that the GCAC is excited to offer. Whether it’s a preschool painting experience or a more intensive, hands-on photography class, we are pleased and able to work with you to create the workshop you envision and require.


The GCAC is happy to offer schools either a single day or multiple day camp experience. Camps can be tailored to specific school curricula, or be varied according to any need. Our workshop/ camp space is ideal for any creative endeavour, whether it be painting, sculpture, drawing – any and all creativity is welcome!