About the GCAC

The Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture is an enriching, inclusive, and contemporary gathering place that promotes arts and culture as a cornerstone of community and creative development.

The GCAC presents a variety of art and cultural experiences exploring, stimulating, and expanding public perceptions of art and culture – encouraging individuals to look beyond the frame.


2024 Nominations for the GCAC Board of Directors are open!

Director Role Description

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Director Nomination Form – Fillable

Any member in good standing (with an up-to-date membership) can nominate themself or be nominated by another member in good standing.
Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting on July 22nd. The list of candidates must be submitted by July 13th at 5pm.
Please note: nominations from the floor will not be accepted.
A member from the GCAC Board of Directors will have discussions with all nominees to discuss their motivation to be a candidate, check on necessary credentials, and assess the characteristics and perspectives that the current board is seeking.
Nominees accepting nominations for election shall be in attendance and will be asked to give a presentation of no more than 3 minutes at the AGM. This presentation should address the nominee’s background and reasons for wanting to be on the board. If the number of candidates for board positions is not greater than the number of positions open, the candidates will be considered elected by acclamation.

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The Georgina Arts Council was founded by a small collective of art enthusiasts in 1999. Previously, the building housed the Sutton Public Library.

Now, we are the Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture, a fully operational centre for the arts and culture, presenting a variety of experiences that explore, stimulate, and expand public perceptions of art and culture as a part of their lives and communities.

The GCAC maintains a permanent collection of works by prominent artists, including Albert Chiarandini, Bruce Smith, Kay Murray-Weber, Tom Zsolt and York Wilson. The collection includes many donated pieces of sculpture and artifacts that celebrate the history of many of our indigenous people.

Beyond our permanent collection, the GCAC features exhibitions supporting established and emerging arts. We celebrate the work of our local High School students and are proud to feature our local and regional artists in our annual juried exhibition.


We acknowledge that the sacred land that we live, work, and play on is the traditional territories of the Chippewas of Georgina Island, an Anishinaabe Nation. We believe that reconciliation and mending relations with First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples is our collective responsibility, which requires ongoing reflection and action. The Anishinaabe people of Georgina Island have a vision of well-being for the next seven generations. This includes economic prosperity; safe and convenient travel; a healthy environment; and language and culture revitalization. [Their] hope is that all people who walk… on these lands, the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe, share in this vision as we all strive for and enjoy that good life – ‘Bemaudiziwin’.”

Learn more about the Chippewas of Georgina Island


Our mission is to promote creativity, learning and growth and to inspire passion and appreciation for the arts and culture.

By nurturing creativity through the arts, we contribute to both community and individual growth and development.


The Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture is a registered non-profit charity supported by the Trillium Foundation of Ontario, the Town of Georgina, and various donations, memberships, sponsorships, and fundraising events.


Through our core values of collaboration, accountability, and excellence, we will continue to work towards building a strong relationship with our diverse community, improving accessibility and transparency, delivering education, and leading toward innovation.

Innovation – Collaboration – Stewardship – Excellence – Advocacy