Kay Murray-Weber (1919 – 2007) RCA, OSA

Kay Murray-Weber was born in Ayr, Ontario. An
early interest in art instigated her move to Toronto
to attend The Ontario College of Art where
she began her studies under two distinguished
teachers: printmaker, Fred Hagan and painter,
Jock Macdonald. She held major exhibitions in
Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Burnaby
and Toronto. In 1985, the Miriam Perlman Gallery
in Chicago exhibited Kay’s work alongside work
by fellow Canadians Anne Meredith Barry and
Sandra Alterger. Abroad, Kay exhibited in England,
Yugoslavia, Poland, Austria and the United States.
She was elected to memberships in the Royal
Canadian Academy of Arts, Ontario Society
of Artists, Canadian Society of Graphic Arts,
Canadian Society of Printer-Etchers and
Engravers, and the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto.


LOT 001
Murray Weber, Kay.
Domestic Sun King, 1983.
Lithograph 6/18. 21 x 30”
Estimate – $350-$450

Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith was born in 1925 in Oshawa and was a resident of Toronto and the Town of Georgina until his passing in December, 2005. The Permanent Collection at the Georgina Centre for Arts & Culture exists due to his generosity as a collector and donor.
For more than 40 years, Smith celebrated his joy in the world around him by capturing light on canvas. His work has been described by curators such as Joan Murray, past Director Emeriti of the Robert McLaughlin Gallery and past Executive Director of the McMichael Gallery, as having its own “assured sense of touch and sonorous colour, Smith’s an original,” Murray has said, “ with complete faith in his own way of seeing – a way which is divided between an appreciation of the world around us and that which is decorative. Smith was known to create his own, peculiarly Canadian, brand of modernism.” Steve McCanse of Canadian Art Inc. calls Smith a “highly skilled artist whose paintings pay homage to the great French Post-Impressionists. There is a hint of Van Gogh in the brushwork and palette, and a nod to Cezanne and Matisse in the composition.” Smith is represented in many public and private collections, including The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa; The Market Gallery, Toronto; The University of Toronto Art Collection; The collection of Lord Kenneth Thompson, and The Varley Gallery, Unionville

LOT 002
Smith, Bruce.
Fishing the River,
1968. Oil on board.
30 x 36”
Estimate – $2000-
LOT 003
Smith, Bruce. Untitled – Figure Study, 1975. Oil on board. 38 x 48”. Estimate – $3000-$4000

York Wilson

Ronald York Wilson began as a commercial artist and illustrator, working for Brigden`s engraving house in Toronto (1926) where he was influenced by Charles Comfort and Will Ogilvie. He took night classes at the Ontario College of Art, and later at the Detroit Institute of Arts. In 1927, Wilson began working
in Detroit where he learned illustration and lettering and was also exposed to museums and books about fine art. He lost his job due to the Great Depression and returned to Canada in 1930. His paintings from the early 1930s to the mid 1950s were representational, social realist and satirical. In 1949, Wilson’s first six-month sojourn in Mexico at the artist’s colony of San Miguel de Allende became a turning-point in his life. He began working as a full-time artist, initially signing his paintings R. York Wilson, and later, York Wilson. His trip to Mexico in 1953 led to the influence of Rico Lebrun, whom Wilson admired throughout his life, and stimulated an interest in mural painting. In the late 1950s, he began painting abstractly, and in the 1960s, turned to geometric abstraction. He is known for his murals at Toronto’s O’Keefe Centre (today`s Meridian Hall) (1960), the Salvation Army Headquarters, Imperial Oil Building (Toronto, 1957), Bell Telephone Building (Toronto), and Central Hospital. He was a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and the Ontario Society of Artists (1942) acting as President (1946-1948). York Wilson is acknowledged as a Canadian pioneer of abstract art and his work is enjoying a revival in the next generation of savvy collectors

LOT 005
Wilson, York. Tree – San Miquel, 1977. Watercolour. 10.25 x 14”. Estimate – $200 – 300
LOT 004
Wilson, York. Danotis, 1977. Lithograph 2/48. 16 x 20”. Estimate – $300 – 400

Albert Chiarandini

Umberto (Albert) Chiarandini was born in the city of Udine, in the northern part of Italy. In 1932, Albert came to Canada to join his father who had immigrated ten years earlier. Albert studied at the Ontario College of Art. Under the guidance of F. Challener and John Alfsen, he developed his unique approach to painting. Albert supported his family as tile setter, stonemason, house painter and home builder. In 1960, Albert decided to give up building to completely dedicate himself to his art. As a full-time artist, Albert taught classes in his studio. His students included Anne Mirvish, Bruce Smith, and Lloyd Bochner. He also taught at the Ontario College of Art, Northern Secondary School, and the Guild of Portrait Painters. Albert’s first portrait was accepted into the Ontario Society of Artists annual show in 1938, only six years after arriving in Canada. Albert Chiarandini was a prolific and passionate painter. His spectacular skies and use of colour to describe the rural Canadian landscapes are exceptional. He was a contemporary of Donald Fraser, shared exhibition space with Carmichael, A.J. Casson, Lawren Harris, Joachim Gauthier, A.Y. Jackson, and others in O.S.A. shows. Albert Chiarandini said that landscapes allowed him to explore the profound beauty of nature, echoes of light and the smell of the countryside. Albert Chiarandini’s work is masterful and timeless. It is held in Canadian and international collections, both private and public and is well worth consideration for yours.

LOT 006 | Floral - untitled, 1962.

LOT 006
Chiarandini, Albert.
Floral – untitled, 1962.
Oil on board. 16 x 20”
Estimate – $850 – $1000

LOT 007 | Pastorale, 1973.

LOT 007
Chiarandini, Albert.
Pastorale, 1973.
Oil on board. 16 x 16”
Estimate – $750 -$950

LOT 008 | Barrie Bay, 1971.

LOT 008
Chiarandini, Albert. Barrie Bay, 1971.
Oil on board. 10 x 12”
Estimate – $250 – $350

LOT 009 | Calvola - On the Italian

LOT 009
Chiarandini, Albert. Calvola – On the Italian
Alps, 1974. Oil on board. 40 x 48”
Estimate – $7500 – $9500
LOT 010 | Elora, Ontario, 1972.

LOT 010
Chiarandini, Albert. Elora, Ontario, 1972.
Oil on board. 12 x 14”
Estimate – $350 – $450
LOT 011 | Fields of Gold, 1971.

LOT 011
Chiarandini, Albert. Fields of Gold, 1971.
Oil on board. 16 x 20”
Estimate – $850 – $1000
LOT 012 | Holland Marsh Canal Road, 1986.

LOT 012
Chiarandini, Albert. Holland Marsh Canal Road, 1986.
Oil on board. 10 x 12”.
Estimate – $250 – $350
LOT 013 | Tulips, 1972.

LOT 013
Chiarandini, Albert. Tulips, 1972.
Oil on board. 10 x 12”
Estimate – $250 – $350
LOT 014 | King, Ontario 1971.

LOT 014
Chiarandini, Albert.
King, Ontario 1971.
Oil on board. 10 x 12”
Estimate – $250 – $350
LOT 015 | The Gathering Storm, 1975.

LOT 015
Chiarandini, Albert. The Gathering Storm, 1975.
Oil on board. 40 x 48”.
Estimate – $7500 – $9500

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