September’s Artist-in-Residence

Alpha Khamceh

Alpha Khamceh, an Iranian immigrant who found her artistic home in Canada, is a painter whose journey began in childhood. Drawing and painting have been her lifelong companions, becoming a bridge between her past and present.

Trained by accomplished masters in Iran, Alpha’s style is a vibrant fusion of emotion and technique. Her preferred medium, oil painting, allows her to convey depth and connection through color and form.

For Alpha, a blank canvas is a world of possibilities, a space where emotions find their voice. Her work invites viewers to introspect and explore their own feelings while finding solace in her creations.

Chosen as the September Artist of the Month at the Georgina Art Centre, Alpha’s journey stands as a testament to her dedication and talent. Her art subtly touches on themes of identity and resilience, reflecting her unique immigrant experience.

Alpha Khamceh believes that art, yoga, and music are different yet harmonious forms of healing and growth. Just as a melody can soothe the soul and yoga can nurture the body, her art aims to touch hearts and foster a sense of connection.

With each stroke, Alpha Khamceh’s art tells a tale of passion and transformation—a narrative that continues to unfold on canvas.

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