The Georgina Centre for the Arts and Culture is an enriching, inclusive, and contemporary gathering place that promotes arts and culture as a cornerstone of community and creative development.

GCAC presents a variety of art and cultural experiences exploring, stimulating, and expanding public perceptions of art and culture – encouraging individuals to look beyond the frame.

Centre History

The Georgina Arts Council was founded by a small collective of art enthusiasts in 1999. Previously, the building housed the Sutton Public Library.

Now operating as the Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture, we are a fully operational centre for the arts & culture, presenting a variety of experiences exploring, stimulating and expanding public perceptions of art and culture as a part of their life and community.

The GCAC maintains a permanent collection of works by a group of prominent artists that include, Albert Chiarandini, Bruce Smith, Kay Murray-Weber, Tom Zsolt and York Wilson. Included in the collection are many donated pieces of sculpture and artifacts that celebrate the history of many of our indigenous people.

Beyond our permanent collection the GCAC features exhibitions in support of both established and emerging arts. We celebrate the work of our local High School students and provide our “artists” community an opportunity to participate in our annual juried exhibition.

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the GCAC is located over lands originally used and occupied by the First Peoples of the Williams Treaties First Nations and other Indigenous Peoples, and we thank them for sharing this land.

We would also like to acknowledge the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation as our close neighbour and friend, one with which we strive to build a cooperative and respectful relationship.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to promote creativity, learning and growth and to inspire passion and appreciation for the arts and culture.

By nurturing creativity through the arts, we contribute to both community and individual growth and development.

Charity & Community

The Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture is a registered Charity and is supported by the Trillium Foundation of Ontario, the Town of Georgina and various donations, memberships, sponsorships and fundraising events.

Future & Legacy

Through our core values of collaboration, accountability, and excellence, we will continue to work towards building a strong relationship with our diverse community, improving accessibility and transparency, delivering education, and leading toward innovation.

Innovation – Collaboration – Stewardship – Excellence – Advocacy

Annual general meeting